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Time to assemble once more.

This kid’s got an attitude that you just can’t fix. Pepper spray. Truncheons. Gas. Confinement. Brutality. Nothing works. You tell him he can’t loiter and he pitches a tent. You tell him he can’t assemble and he brings his friends. You tell him to be quiet and he starts a mic check. You raise your baton in one hand and squeeze the trigger on the pepper spray canister in the other. You curse this kid’s existence because deep down you know you’ll have to go through it all again … and even worse, you think he might be right.

The discourse of our world is shifting. Today is the three-month anniversary of Occupy. It’s a time to reflect, to celebrate, to think about what has been achieved already and about what’s coming up next.

From pole to pole, from East to West, people are rising up! It started in Tunisia, it moved to Egypt, then to New York, and now there are rumblings in Russia and the Far East.

Let’s celebrate our successes and dream up new offensives. Out in the streets, in our homes, as we occupyxmas and as we hibernate for the winter, let’s take this day to revel in the birth and ongoing life of our movement. And as we brainstorm this winter, what do you see happening in the next stage? Share your thoughts, tactics, epiphanies, and revelations below … and no matter what … let’s come out swinging when the crocuses bloom next Spring.

Here’s to the Year of the Dragon,

from all of us here at Adbusters