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Adbusters Tactical Briefing #16



Alright you rebels, redeemers and believers out there,

At the height of the global uprisings in 1968, protesters confidently heralded “The Beginning of a New Epoch.” To this bravado, Zbigniew Brzezinski, then the national security advisor to the president of the United States, retorted that the protests were nothing but “the death rattle of the historical irrelevants.” And indeed the first global revolution the world had ever seen suddenly fizzled out. To this day no one quite knows why.

For the moment, #OCCUPY has the magic and the ear of the world, and anything seems possible. We could see a soft regime change in America and a resurgence of the political left worldwide.

As winter approaches, many occupiers will dig in for the long haul. Others will decamp until spring and channel their energy into myriad projects. Many of the big ideas for rejuvenating and reenchanting the world that have been swirling around the left for the last 20 years will pick up steam. From revoking corporate personhood to de-commercializing the cultural commons, to separating money from politics, to the birth of a True Cost Party of America … we are entering a sustained period of boots-on-the-ground transformation.

And every now and again we will have a worldwide blast reminiscent of the global march against the Iraq war eight years ago. The next of these blasts could happen as early as this Saturday when #ROBINHOOD strikes the G20. Imagine a few million people rising up and sending a message to the G20 leaders meeting November 3/4 in France: “This austerity vs. stimulus debate you’ve foisted on us doesn’t mean a damn thing… It’s obvious you have no idea how to get us out of this economic mess you put us in. So now we are telling you what we want: a radical transformation of casino capitalism… we want you to slow down fast money with a 1% #ROBINHOOD tax on all financial transactions and currency trades.”

#ROBINHOOD marches have already been announced in over a dozen cities. Bring it up at your general assembly … then create some edgy Robin Hood graphics for the world to digest and let’s march out there millions strong this Saturday … Let’s leverage the G20!

This could be the first great upheaval of the financial regime … and the first delicious fruit of our movement.

for the wild,
Culture Jammers HQ

There are #ROBINHOOD actions currently planned in San Antonio, Las Vegas, Montreal, Durango, Calgary, Washington DC, Santa Fe, Denver,Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Sydney, Amarillo, Edmonton, Salt Lake City, Berlin and more… / / / Twitter /Facebook

P.S. On Tuesday, the nonviolent protestors at #OCCUPYOAKLAND were assaulted with tear gas, rubber bullets and flash grenades. Disturbing footage of police violence is now emerging. That same day,#OCCUPYATLANTA was foreclosed and over 50 protestors arrested. The counter-revolution of money has begun but our commitment to nonviolence will win.