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Hey all you election-jammers and voter-rousers,

Adbusters is shaking up #cdnpoli like never before. Our controversial attack ad incited outrage amongst Harper supporters, including Harper’s own Defense Minister Jason Kenney, whose hate-tweet we shall forever cherish.

While we stoked the right-wing fire, the vast majority of social media interactions have been overwhelmingly positive and supportive – a virtual outcry from fellow citizens who are as upset as we are that Canada has been ran off course by the Harper Government.

Almost instantly, Spitbomb was shared thousands of times across social media channels, quickly reaching over 200,000 views on YouTube. Our crowdfunding campaign to broadcast the ad on national TV hit $10,000. Clearly our strategy to throw a wrench into the gears of #elxn42 is working, but we need your help to keep this momentum going.

Help us reach our goal, by sharing the campaign, donating if you haven’t already, making your own memes linking to our campaign, and getting people talking about how being Canadian used to mean something.

10/19 is right around the corner and the race is as tight as can be. We are all in this together.


For the wild,