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What will you do on the September 17th anniversary of Occupy Wall Street?


Next Wednesday, on September 17th and the third anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, most of us will not march in the streets, or sleep en masse in parks. This time, millions of us around the world will keep the revolutionary fires burning with personal and collective acts of love and defiance.

Athens, London, Barcelona, Tahrir, Zucotti, Gezi and Rio were our training grounds, inspiring and igniting within us the will to divine a new world. To dream a new dream. Now, three years on from Occupy, we’re ready for the next step: the seamless, total globalization of our movement.

It’s time to start forging networks, building alliances and learning how to buzz together strategically to pull off coordinated global actions, stage mega-corporate boycotts and launch trickster memes, culture jams and happenings of all kinds. In the process we’ll spiritually unify all our national movements into a single global force and our battle tactic will become one of subtlety and subversion, hover and sting, actively waiting for our revolutionary moment to come.

Maybe it will come on the anniversary of the movement, on April Fool’s Day, or in the heady days of riot after the next financial bubble bursts. Maybe our revolutionary moment of truth will come after the release of the next International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report when it suddenly dawns on everyone that the G7 leaders, operating within their corpo-capitalist algorithm, are systematically incapable of dealing with the warming of our planet and the slide of our species into the sludge of history.

Whenever the critical moment comes, though, one thing is for sure. The roar will be deafening. Swarms of fired up blackspot revolutionaries will swoop down and occupy all the stock exchanges, corporate HQs, government offices and power centers of global capitalism. With growing intensity, a slowly building, unstoppable carnival of delight will take hold of the world and render the cost of doing business as usual impossible to bear.

For the wild,
The Adbusters Team