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Hey Jammers,

This Thursday is “Google No Search Day”

We’re challenging you to spend one day without doing a single Google Search.

If you’re feeling ambitious see if you can spend the day without any Google at all – No Google Chrome, Google Maps, Google Calendar, Gmail …

It’s nearly impossible to live without Google these days. But as the tech giant infiltrates our lives, it’s worthwhile questioning just what we are giving up in the process.

Where does your mind go when the answer is not at your fingertips? Where do your conversations lead when you can’t pull out your phone and “Google it?” How does the ambience of your life change when you are present, in your own mind, with your own thoughts at all times?

Take the “Google No Search Day” plunge on Thursday and tell us how it felt. Let us know at or tweet us at @adbusters. Share your experiences with the hashtag #GoogleNoSearchDay.