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In the post-truth 21st century, illusion replaces reality.

No one can tell what is real. The illusion show is the new reality show. Films depict crime and violence as socially acceptable forms of entertainment. Materialism replaces spiritualism as the new path to enlightenment. Individualism is lost to the solipsistic spirit of collectivism, intellectualism buried by mass ignorance. Insanity is the new sanity, religions battle one another to see who can end up the most insane. Up is now down, and going down is the only way to get up. Right is left and left is right. Right is wrong and wrong is now right. Yes, everything is turned upside down. And the only way you can see this, or even begin to understand it, is to stand on your head. You see, the living are dead in the post-truth 21st century, but no one is willing to admit it. It is easier to pretend to be alive than face the truth, cause the truth can kill you, unlike each of the illusions that pretend to keep you alive. No, no one can tell anymore what is real and nobody cares. Reality is a drag and nobody can stand reality. Today, all you can do is create your own reality and hope that no one can see through the illusion.

— Matt Wegner