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Ok Adbusters,

I just finished#130, fresh out of the mailbox this morning. Started with the Impeachment side because I knew it would fan my flame. The fire that started with Occupy, the fire that took me to DC on 1/21, keeps me in the streets with my banners, makes me send to PP, NODAPL, ACLU, MOAS and keeps me on the phone with my Reps. And this side of #130 did not disappoint. Flame rages.

Then onto the Hamlet side which reinforced what I already knew to be true.

Here is the problem; after reading every word, absorbing every graphic cover to cover, all I want to do right now is go vomit in my toilet, climb onto my couch and pull the quilt up over my head. Middle page of #130 … where’s my tiny flower poking up through the asphalt? I need that image. I’m going to a political huddle with my people from the women’s March tomorrow night. But I just may need a cold IPA tonight.

yours, on fire,

Julie E. Powell