Field Guide Part 4: Onymous vs Anonymous

Encryption: To put into coded form. Cryptography: the science or study of the techniques of secret writing, especially code and cipher systems, methods, and the like. Crypto-War: The conflicts arising from the US Government

Field Guide Part 5: Robocops

The Internet of Things (IoT), often referred to as the “so-called Internet of Things,” is a concept that describes an expanding network of devices that are connected to the Internet. The term is often

Field Guide: Part 2 Spot the NARC

If while reading a news item, you’ve ever been brave enough to venture below the fold into the vast uncharted darkness of an online comment section, you may have noticed how vile, offensive and

Field Guide: Part 1 Plan X

In 2012, DARPA — the mad scientist wing of the pentagon — revealed a new and highly classified research and development project called PLAN X. An effort to bolster the US military’s recently established

We wink to them, Good Night!

For the past few decades, globally, many well-meaning but demoralized people, especially artists and intellectuals, but also activists, have been losing sleep. They suffer from a peculiarly debilitating activist insomnia consisting of relentless Facebook