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Something wicked this way comes!

Black Friday and the powers that be are urging us to get out there and spend ‘til we can’t spend no more.

But don’t believe what our consumer culture tells you, pals: Buying things will never make you happy. You know it and we know it. Sure, that new gismo might lift your spirits for a few hours, or if you’re lucky, maybe even a day or two. In the end, though–and we mean the realend–your connections, your friends, your family, and your human experiences are all you’ve really got. So this year, at a moment in history when the existential threat of climate change is breathing down our necks, why not decide to do things differently? Ignore Black Friday.

That’s right: November 24th is #BuyNothingDay

Join millions of us across sixty countries on November 24th(November 25th if you live outside North America) to celebrate the art of living lightly on this planet . . . find out what it feels like to go cold turkey on consumption for 24 hours . . . Who knows? Half way through the day you might just have a life-changing epiphany!

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Then, as we enter the crazy holiday shopping season, join the worldwide movement to take back Christmas from the commercial forces that have hijacked it: Get your family together and decide to do things differently this year . . . Read more about how to disrupt the Season of Spending starting with #BuyNothingDay at and get in on the anarchic fun!