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You have to train yourself. You have to practice. Never let
the barrage of messages penetrate your eyes, ears and brain.

You make it a habit, notice where and how often corporations want to play a role in your life. Uninvite them, ignore.
What can it be like?
Well, here is an example:
If you are going to look at a print ad, deconstruct it or, don’t look at it at all. Do not look at the words. Do not allow the images to occupy your mind, unless you invite them.
Other examples:
If you happen upon a screen and notice movement (something you did not choose to watch), eliminate it from your field of view. If necessary, cover your eyes.
If you like to watch TV, skip the commercials.
Leave the “mute” button on all of your devices.
Refuse to be lured into buying corporate products (with discounts or coupons or sales or whatever).

If you are unwilling to recognize Facebook for what it is, you have misunderstood Facebook. They use your personal information to make money and sell advertising. Enjoy being sold by Mark Zuckerberg to the people you know, many who you don’t, and a host of paying corporations obsessed with your behavioral data. You represent a value system (what’s important, what’s worth paying attention to, etc.). Thinking that “liking” a “political” page or update is a genuine form of political action is to misunderstand political activism. You’ve got to get involved, participate, and join in the fight.
If you start living this way, your perception will change. Eventually you’ll observe and absorb the world differently.
— Jessica Samuels teaches philosophy in Northern California.



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