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La ZAD (Zone-to-defend) in Notre-Dame-des-Landes is 4,000 acre commune of wetlands and forests home to farmers, activists, naturalists, and squatters.


Since 2009, the land has been occupied in a fifty year struggle to resist construction of an airport nearby and to take back control of everyday life.




Yesterday the French began to evict the residents of La ZAD even though the airport project is officially abandoned.


2,500 cops with armoured cars and demolition machinery tore apart La ZAD, targeting the wild fertile zone whose bakeries, pirate radio station, brewery, banquet hall, medicinal herb gardens, rap studio, vegetable plots, weekly newspaper, library, and surrealist lighthouse make the commune a revolutionary stronghold and vibrant, free paradise like nowhere else on earth.


The dreams of thousands are being attacked, their freedoms stolen.



Comrades and friends have been injured and arrested and countless structures have been torn apart already. We don’t know what the coming days will bring, but already major demonstrations have erupted in France and all over the world.


To the ZADists and revolutionaries across every ocean we say: This is not the end.


Spring will come.

Long live La ZAD!


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