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Equifax – Submission OF THE DAY

Heyyy Adbusters!
Just ripped off this email to the horrendous gatekeepers of my sensitive information, Equifax.
Dear useless Equifax people of North America:
The credit card industry and Equifax are terrible.  You charge high rates to use your cards that are now important in getting a house, job, car or even a hotel room.  The top USA guy of equifax looks like a useless shlub in the headlights of a  truck.  Much like the banks that really don’t care about their customers, just higher profits.  After all, we consumers are actually your “products” that you sell to business.  Business people are too cozy with equifax and now we have this HUGE problem of NO TRUST.
Then I receive this lame email of a “cybersecurity” incident.  You keep my personal info without my consent.  You dish out my info to anyone that pays you.  Now, someone has the potential to use that info to buy  a car, a house, property or go on a big holiday on my card  with identity theft!  Pathetic.   I’ll be using my debit card and cold hard cash in light of your poor attempts at “cybersecurity”.   Tired of being your product you cannot even protect.  I hope you are disbanded and dissolved as a corporation.
Hopefully a BILLION people ignore these horrible money bastards and demote them to the dustbin of history!