On Sept. 17, 2011  at the behest of an
email blast 
and subsequent
social media bat signal
— a ragtag coalition of unemployed
recent college graduates, anarchists,
communists, artists,
and even Ron Paul-adoring gold bug
libertarians began building
micro-villages in a privately owned
park in Manhattan’s Financial District. 

Opposition to globalization is the most powerful idea of our time, because it defies the most powerful force: the planetary takeover of sovereign nations by corporations and banks. The left owned anti-globalization in the 1990s, but later invested its most impassioned energies into race politics and third-wave feminism. In 2016, the alt-right toppled the managers of the Republican Party and declared themselves the vanguard of opposition to free trade and “globalists,” and their undeniable energy flows from the horror such heresy provokes in the hated elites, especially the corporate media. But the alt-right has two major weaknesses. First, their hero-savior Donald Trump is a ridiculous conman. Second, they’re isolated by their own divisive obsessions with race and gender. The question now is whether the insurgent resistance can put aside the petty narcissism of identity politics and reclaim the banner of revolutionary opposition to the world-destroying cancer of global corporate capitalism.

- Seth Harp